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Paul has been a private adoption attorney for over 15 years and one of the best amoung Melbourne conveyancers. For most of that time, he has devoted his law practice solely to helping individuals and families from all over the United States find success in their dreams of growing their families. Prior to becoming an attorney, Paul worked for an international adoption agency, where he discovered his passion for adoption and forever families.

Paul has been admitted by Arizona, Arkansas and Utah to practice law. Even if you do not live in one of those States, Paul can help you in your desire to grow your family.

Paul is well-versed in all aspects of adoption law, including private adoption, step-parent adoption, birth parent representation, ICPC (interstate) adoption, and ICWA adoption. Paul does, however, have a unique insight and passion in assisting Marshallese birth families with their adoption plans. Paul is the only attorney involved with the Marshallese community in the United States who is fluent in the Marshallese language. Because of this fact, Paul has been successful in hundreds of Marshallese adoptions across many different states. Paul lived in the Marshall Islands for two years, and therefore is familiar with their language, customs, and unique cultural perspective on adoption.
Paul has been instrumental in making the law in Arizona more accommodating for step-parents and other close intra-family adoptions. He assisted in the drafting and passage of a law, passed unanimously by the Arizona Legislature in 2012, that eliminated the need for step-parents to obtain a home study prior to adopting.

Paul attended Arizona State University (ASU Sun Devils) and graduated with degrees in Journalism and Law. He enjoys spending time with his wife and four children in Arizona’s White Mountains.



Megan has assisted in adoption cases since 2006 and has been employed by me since 2012. Megan works hard to address every need of the adoptive parents, answer all questions and makes the new family’s journey begin in a loving, caring and natural manner.

Megan assists families through the adoption process by providing support, step-by-step instructions and coordinating court proceedings. She is committed to making the loving choice of adoption a wonderful experience for the adoptive parents.

Megan can help you begin your journey to parenting by addressing your adoption fears and by leading you through the adoption process with comfort, respect, honesty, trust and complete support.

Megan was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa and has also lived in New Zealand, providing an inter-cultural prospective to all our “projects”. “

Our experience with Paul and Megan can best be described as simply amazing!  We submitted our approved home study and profile book to Paul on a Tuesday and he matched us to our amazing birth mom 2 days later. She had 6 months left in her pregnancy. We took no time reaching out to build what has become the most rewarding relationship with our son’s birth family. They are now our family and we are theirs. Our birth mom allowed me the greatest honor of attending the entire birth. She let me hold her hand as we welcomed the sweetest baby boy into the world.  Our birth mom, my soul sister, is the most caring, loving, and selfless individual we have ever had the privilege to know. Paul and Megan made the adoption process easy and was there for us and our birth family the entire time. We were never left with questions unanswered nor did we ever feel alone in the process. Megan was always just a call away taking precious moments from her family while helping us grow ours. Thank you Paul and Megan for an amazing adoption experience!